Be the hero of the day: Choose our VDSL Newer&Faster subscription ...

VDSL internet up to 100 Mbps + telephony for only €45,95 per month!
Say bye bye to your fixed telephone line.

Fast Internet?
For sure …

Ultra-fast internet with unlimited traffic at a very affordable price … Who needs more? Enjoy a max. download speed of 100 Mbps and a max. uploadspeed of 20 Mbps. Discover which speed is possible on your location and choose the subscription that suits you most!

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Hello, is it me you're looking for …

Making your phone calls with a fixed line is so outdated … With edpnet telephony you have the possibility to make your calls over the internet via your internet connection. You do not longer need a Proximus fixed telephone line. Edpnet telephony offers you very low tariffs per minute. And the more people who call via edpnet mobile (and even edpnet telephony), the more attractive it is for you.

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Have your own little (or big) spot on the Internet

A simple domain name or your own little place on the Internet. Why not? You can register your name or start your own website. And once you registered, nobody else can register it. Maybe you are looking for an online backup solution for all your photos or other important files. Well, we can assure you, we can help you.

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Something about edpnet

Edpnet is an independent telecom provider. We are far from being just an insignificant part of another provider. We have been standing firmly on our own 2 feet for 15 years now and we work day and night (that's right, sleeping is not at the top of our 'to do' list) to offer our customers a great price, ditto quality and fast, personal service.

We are your ‘clever’ alternative for the large telco players. Edpnet has a wide product and service range for both consumer and professional market in Belgium and The Netherlands.  Did you know that we are also present in St.-Petersburg, Russia?

Present in Belgium since 1996

Youngest colleague: 24/07/92
Senior: 28/07/60

Present in Russia since 2005

Youngest colleague: 15/11/93
Senior: 18/03/74